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Personal Injury

Craig Gee Solicitors have many years experience in representing clients to successfully recover maximum compensation in all types of claims.

Road Traffic Accidents

We represent numerous clients who have been injured, whether as a driver, passenger or pedestrian due to the negligence of another.

These road traffic accidents can vary from whiplash injuries caused from rear end shunts to victims sustaining serious multiple injuries in major collisions. In each case we provide professional expert advice and guide our clients through the claims process keeping them informed throughout.

Here at Craig Gee Solicitors we will investigate the causes of the accident and will, where necessary, instruct Experts to inspect the scene of the accident and provide a report. Thereafter, following admission of liability from the Defendants Insurers we will also obtain further reports from Senior Medical Experts to detail the extent of the injury and the impact upon the client and provide for further medical services to be supplied to aid rehabilitation.

Work Place Accidents

One will often hear the cry that “its health and safety gone mad!”. During the last 30 years extensive legislation has been passed to protect the safety of employees:


Health & Safety Act 1974

Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012

Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005

Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Amendment (Regulations) 2004

Control of Vibration at Work Regulations 2005

Confined Spaces Regulations 1997

Health & Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations 1992

Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998

Work at Height (Amendment) Regulations 2007

And there are many many more. Yet despite all of these laws and regulations and vast improvements in industry, there are still a great many accidents at work which cause injury.

In 2013/14 there were 133 fatalities due to work place accidents and a further 629,000 employees reported that they had an accident at work. There will no doubt be many more that have not reported through RIDDOR (Reporting Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrence Regulations).

Occupiers Liability

Accidents often occur on property owned by someone else. Any such owner of private property - whether a homeowner, tenant, shopkeeper, farmer or business owner - can be liable for injury to a person which was suffered on their premises.

Under the Occupiers Liability Act 1957, it used to be that only lawful visitors to property – that is, people with the landowner’s consent to be there – could claim compensation for injuries that were not their fault. However, the Occupiers Liability Act 1984 changed the law so that trespassers too are entitled to compensation.

There are many examples of circumstances in which trespassers can be injured. Children often wander on to private property whilst playing or exploring. People may walk their dogs across fields, and in summer time open water spots will be frequented by people looking to cool down.

Signs which simply state ‘we do not accept responsibility for any injury caused on these premises’, despite being common, have no legal effect whatsoever. Landowners owe a duty of care to all people who may enter their premises, visitors or trespassers, to take reasonable steps to ensure their safety, whether by removing hazards or erecting clear and specific warnings.

Here at Craig Gee Solicitors we can offer expert advice to anyone who thinks they may be entitled to claim following such an accident.

Tripping Accidents

Trips and slips in public places are extremely common. They may happen in shops, council run premises, or in the street, as a result of badly maintained floors or pavements which present a risk of injury to the public. According to the Health and Safety Executive, they regularly make up at least half of all reported injuries to the public as well as people in the workplace.

Anyone who suffers such an accident may be entitled to compensation under the law of tort, if the person charged with maintaining the area has been negligent. At Craig Gee Solicitors we can provide the expert advice and assistance required to ensure anyone who has suffered such a trip makes a full recovery and receives compensation that reflects their injury.

Our Promise to You

Here at Craig Gee Solicitors we have been assisting accident victims for many years and have developed considerable expertises in managing the claims to ensure that the maximum level of compensation is obtained for each of our clients to provide:

That the right sum is paid for pain, suffering and inconvenience.

That the correct sum is paid to reimburse our clients for loss of earnings, any costs incurred by the client e.g., prescription charges, medication, physiotherapy treatment, travel expenses etc.

And further to pay to the client compensation for any care provided to the client by a family member.

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