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Commercial Leases

Lease and Tenancy Agreements cover a wide range of situations and can vary from medium term Leases of commercial premises, such as department stores, office blocks and factory premises, to shorter term Leases of shops and offices, domestic Leases for the letting of a house, short term Tenancy Agreements, agricultural Tenancies, Tenancies of allotment gardens and even Licenses to Occupy.

The law relating to Landlord and Tenant in both business and domestic properties is extremely technical and the regulations relating to them must be strictly observed if the client’s interests are to be best protected.

We can advise and prepare Leases and Tenancy Agreements for you whether you are Landlord or a Tenant, deal with rent reviews, renewals, claims for dilapidations, proceedings for possession, arrears of rent, breaches of covenant, for example to repair and insure, or to use only in a specified manner, and generally advise you on all aspects of your Lease or Tenancy.

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