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If you’re not the owner of your stereotypical local boozer, high street café bar or corner shop, don’t be put off applying for a premises licence to sell alcohol on your property. You may even just hold occasional temporary events and be fed up of going through the motions for a temporary licence every time, in which case permanent legal clearance might be an easier option for you. A premises licence authorises the use of any premises for licensable activities applied for – which includes the supply of alcohol - under the Licensing Act 2003.

The below are just a few examples of the kind of places that you would probably think of as unlikely (to say the least!) options for a pint after work on a Friday…

Basingstoke and North Hampshire Hospital are now fully licenced to sell alcohol in a private wing (within stumbling distance of Accident & Emergency) from 10am-10pm, every day of the week.

St James the Great church in Thorley, Hertfordshire, 3 months after receiving a noise-abatement notice, applied for and was granted a late licence to sell alcohol.  An affected local neighbour with a strong sense of irony commented to The Guardian that living there ‘is hell’.

Getting another drink in before your taxi arrives may now be a thing of the past. A black cab – ‘the Tipple Taxi’ to be exact – is now a fully-fledged cocktail bar on wheels, available for private event hire.

‘I’m just popping to the offie…’ Residents of the suburb Bourneville, a village near Birmingham which has been teetotal since 1900 (and yes - Bourneville as in Cadbury’s Bourneville village) may not know what to think now that a newsagent with a small off-licence has bucked the trend and been granted a licence to sell alcohol. We can only speculate that sales of milk and newspapers have rocketed.

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Credit: Pete Cashmore, The Guardian